Applied Data Ethics | New course in 2022

Why Ethics?

Our new Applied Data Ethics module addresses the importance of ethics in data and its relevance for financial growth and social benefit.

For the new academic year 2022-2023, this new course will be added to the curriculum of this master program and the students will have the opportunity to delve into the study of Ethics into Data.

In 2022, ethics is more relevant than ever. Back in 2010, the “Shape of jobs to come”, a UK government-backed report on future jobs identified technology ethics as a core future business domain.

In 2022, in this masterclass, the participants will deep dive to the existential risks that technology impose and get an in depth understanding of ethics design in machine mediated systems.

Data science activities shape the data-to-discovery path, in order to support machine mediated decisions. As data-trained-machines make decisions on our behalf, major ethical risks and issues emerge and fundamental questions seek for answers.

• What problem do we want to solve?
• What problem do we create?
• Who knows?
• Who gets to decide, on what grounds, under what regulations and how is the process implemented?
• What if machines do not do what we humans expect?

Check out the syllabus of the course to learn more about the course design.