Master Theses

Year Author name Title
2021-2022 Grigoris Bouziotopoulos Recommending Scientific Papers: A Survey and A Hybrid Approach
2021-2022 Theodoros Efthymiadis Mathematical representations of MBTI personality type and their impact on predictive performance: An application in career counseling
2021-2022 Konstantinos Fokeas Flood Mapping Using Satellite Images
2021-2022 Georgios Fotopoulos Comparison of full-text search performance in relational and non-relational database systems
2021-2022 Vasileios Mouchakis Deep Metric Learning for Music Information Retrieval
2021-2022 Symeon Panagiotoglou Representational learning on biological data. A study on polypharmacy side-effects and graph embeddings
2020-2021 Nikiforos Alygizakis A Deep Learning approach for modeling the spatial distribution of contaminants in the Black Sea
2020-2021 Ioannis Christodoulou The impact of different representations in the presence of language drift
2020-2021 Nektarios Dimitrakopoulos Smart Cities: Issues and Challenges towards a human centric paradigm
2020-2021 Enri Gaci Itemset mining on a distributed hash table system
2020-2021 Vasileios Konstantakos CRISPR-Cas9 gRNA efficiency prediction - An overview of predictive tools and the role of Deep Learning
2020-2021 Stamatis Stefanopoulos Distributed Trajectory Clustering of Vessel AIS Data
2019-2020 Paris Koloveas A machine learning framework for gathering and leveraging web data to Cyber-Threat lntelligence
2019-2020 Theodora Koutsothanasi Financial narrative summarization. Automatic Summaries of Annual Reports
2019-2020 Anastasios Makris Predicting Component Defects for the Shipping Industry with the use of Machine Learning Algorithms
2019-2020 Apostolos Maniatis Movie shot classification using machine learning
2019-2020 Gerald Mema Evolutionary Ensemble Classification (EVENC). Genetic feature selection for generating diverse classifiers
2019-2020 Stavros Niafas Photography Style Analysis using Machine Learning
2019-2020 Marina Nteva Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis on User-Generated Context, Detect and Classify Aspect Terms from Greek Hotel Reviews
2019-2020 Theodoros Psallidas Multimodal summarization of user generated videos from wearable cameras