Master Theses

Year Author name Title
2018-2019 Alexandros Mitsou Multimodal Workplace Monitoring for Work-Related Fatigue Recognition
2018-2019 Nikolaos Nikolaou Biological data representations and the estimation of usefulness for analysis tasks
2018-2019 Nikolaos Nikoloutsakos Deploying Scalable Deep Learning on HPC Infrastructure
2018-2019 Dimitrios Politikos Deep learning for automating fish age prediction from otolith images
2018-2019 Spyros Spiliopoulos Argument mining using graph neural networks
2018-2019 Nikolaos Sykiniotis Extracting patterns from multivariate weather data
2018-2019 Georgios Touros Evaluation of Video Soundtracks using Machine Learning. Addressing the issues of data availability, feature extraction and classification
2018-2019 Maria Tsaroucha Applications of Bayesian Statistics. A closer look at Bayesian Inference
2018-2019 Dimitrios Tsintzouras Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis on hotel reviews in Greek
2017-2018 Sofia Alevizopoulou Social media monitoring for IoT vulnerabilities
2017-2018 Ioannis Avgeros Towards automatic mining and description of complex deep learning algorithms
2017-2018 Panagiotis Kapros Digital Epidemiology during Public Health Emergencies: An Ethical Approach
2017-2018 Athanasios Karydis Deep learning music information retrieval for content-based movie recommendation
2017-2018 Vasiliki Konstantopoulou A Genetic Algorithm for Ranking Peptide Sequences For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
2017-2018 Dimitris Kotsiras Sentiment analysis for tweets using deep learning
2017-2018 Vassilis Krikonis Improving image segmentation with evidence transfer
2017-2018 Angeliki Mylonaki LIVIU: Intelligent mass shooting information extraction from news articles
2017-2018 Konstantinos Paraskevoudis Instrument playing technique recognition
2017-2018 Maria Petropanagiotaki Selection Strategies in Complex Event Recognition
2017-2018 Christos Platias Machine Learning methods for Missing values in longitudinal data and multivariate time series